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The following post is a copy of a post i originally contributed to the red5 mailing list.

Hello Red5 Community,

i am kind of new to red5 and spend the last days tyring to figure out how to use shared objects with red5.
In the following lines i like to summarise my experiences. This should serve as a hint for others who come accross the same questions and problems that i did.
Please feel free to correct or supplement the following lines where neccessary.
When discussing SharedObjects in the following, i refer to Remote Shared Objects and not Local Shared Objects of course. I also focus on non-persistent ones.
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posted by nik on April 11, 2008

Unicode, UTF-8 tutorial

UTF8 Tutorial

This tutorial covers Unicode and its UTF-8 mapping standard. It will start at zero with explaining bits and binary structures, followed by an explanation of the ASCII, extended ASCII and Unicode character sets and ending with some conclusions on how to use UTF-8 en-/decoding with Flash & PHP.

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posted by nik on February 12, 2005